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Pet Grooming Brush For Cats And Dogs

Pet Grooming Brush For Cats And Dogs

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  • STAINLESS STEEL - One of the best dog brushes on the market, it has a double row of stainless steel pins/teeth to reduce pulling the coat without damaging it or hurting your pet. It is a very gentle experience for your dog, cat, rabbit, or any other furry friend that needs brushing.
  • REDUCE SHEDDING - Our brush dramatically reduces shedding by up to 90% after just 1 short session. This is compared to only 30% with the average brush or comb. Perfect for matted, heavy-shedding undercoats and fur.
  • MULTI-USE - Our professional grooming brushes can be used on both dogs, cats, rabbits, or equestrian horses that have short, medium, or long hair. This professional, high-quality brush is priced well, so you can buy one to keep in the house and one for the car
  • PROMOTE HEALTHY SKIN - Scientifically designed to promote healthy skin and a shiny top coat,. Protects you and your pet from skin allergies and minimizes irritation from buildup, which reduces allergic airborne elements
  • STIMULATION - The innovative design allows air to your pet's skin and stimulates the hair follicles, allowing the release of healthy oils
  • DURABLE - The contouring handle is strong and durable, made of non-slip, non-toxic silicone. The stainless steel pins take the unnecessary ’hurt’ out of grooming your pet

Size - 

Full length 17cm,

width 5cm

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