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Interactive Food Dispenser Toy Cup For Dogs & Cats Food Tumbler Ball

Interactive Food Dispenser Toy Cup For Dogs & Cats Food Tumbler Ball

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  • SLOW FEEDER - Promote healthy eating habits for your pet with our interactive food dispenser Cup. By encouraging slow feeding, our product helps prevent overeating, prevents food gulping and promotes better digestion
  • PREVENTS FOOD LEAKAGE Designed to prevent any food from accidentally spilling or leaking, keeping your floors clean and mess-free. Its innovative design ensures that your pets can access their food without making a mess, making it a convenient and hassle-free feeding solution for both dogs and cats
  •  HEALTH - This product's innovative design helps decrease the amount of snacks consumed, encourages better digestion, and supports overall health
  • INTERACTIVE PLAY - Encourage healthy play for dogs and cats and reducing destructive behaviors. Keep your pets active and entertained with this tumbler ball that doubles as a food dispenser
  • EASY CLEAN - The food tumbler ball can be effortlessly disassembled for adding or removing food or snacks, simplifying the cleaning process


Large: 355g 

Large Dimensions: 7.5x11.5x15cm

Small: 275g

Small Dimensions: 6x10x12.5cm


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