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Double-sided Cat Comb

Double-sided Cat Comb

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  • REDUCE PET HAIR - The Cat Massage Cleaning Grooming Comb Brush is designed to effectively reduce the amount of pet hair that can be found around your home and on your clothing when used regularly
  • REMOVE LOOSE HAIR - Not only does this grooming tool effectively remove loose hair, it also provides your pet with a gentle massage, helping to soothe and comfort them
  • PROMOTES BLOOD CIRCULATION - Increase your pet's skin circulation by brushing and combing away dead or tangled fur with the use of our brush Our Cat Massage Cleaning Grooming Comb Brush promotes healthy skin by effectively removing dead or tangled fur, improving circulation for your pet
  • HEALTH AND SANITATION - Promote relaxation, reduce shedding, and maintain your pet's coat cleanliness and health with the Cat Massage Cleaning Grooming Comb Brush
  • BONDING - Strengthen the special bond between you and your pet with this comb brush. Use this time to enhance your grooming routine

Material: ABS + TPR 


Round - 18.5 x 8.6 x 3cm

Ear - 17 x 9 x 3cm



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