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Double-Ended Traction Rope Dual Dog Collar

Double-Ended Traction Rope Dual Dog Collar

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  • HEAVY DUTY - Crafted from the finest genuine mountain climbing nylon rope, our heavy-duty leash is designed with a durable 1/2-inch-diameter rock climbing rope. Featuring a sturdy metal clip hook, our leash is safe for your dog as you  both embark on your adventures
  • REFLECTIVE - Experience safe and stylish walks with your canine companion using our Double-Ended Traction Rope Dual Dog Collar. Its reflective threads ensure visibility during late-evening strolls, providing both you and your dog with a sense of security and luxury
  • COMFORT CUSHIONED HANDLES - For optimal comfort, the plush cushioned handle offers a superior grip and safeguards your hand from any discomfort, allowing you to fully relish your strolls with your dog
  • PERFECT FOR DAILY USE - This length is long enough to provide flexibility for both you and your dog while keeping them close enough to be safely under your control. Excellent for walking, jogging, running, camping, and trekking, as well as leisurely strolls and backyard activities.

Length: 1.4m

Diameter: 1/2 inch

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