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Luxurious Dog Sofa Bed

Luxurious Dog Sofa Bed

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  •  COMFORT - The bed features a memory foam base that conforms to your dog's unique shape, providing comfort and support for their joints and muscles
  • MATERIAL - This luxurious dog sofa bed is crafted with carefully selected materials to provide a soothing experience for your pet's delicate skin
  • DURABLE - Designed for durability, this bed can withstand playful bites while maintaining a soft and comfortable feel. However, excessive biting could cause damage
  • STYLISH - Customize your dog's bed to perfectly match your home decor. No more unsightly pet beds ruining the aesthetic of your floor - this elegant bed is available in a variety of colors to seamlessly blend in with your home



Small: 60cm x 45cm x 5cm

Large: 95cm x 73cm x 5cm

Extra Large: 120cm x 90cm x 5 cm

Our suggested pet weights and bed sizes:  S (pets under 12 kg), L (pets under 65 kg), XL (pets under 85 kg)

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