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Poop Picker Up Helper

Poop Picker Up Helper

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  • MATERIAL - Durable, lightweight, and easy to clean. Made of high-quality non-stick ABS materials
  • DESIGN - Ergonomic design, Choose between a 60cm or 28cm long handle, depending on what suits you best. The handle is easy to grip and operate with one hand, ensuring easy removal of poop preventing you from needing to get your hands dirty
  • PORTABLE - Easy to assemble and carry: Simply slide the buckle lock for quick and convenient use, then unlock and fold it, ensuring that you can take it anywhere
  • ALL SIZES - A sturdy and large claw cup allows you to deal with poop from a wide variety of big and small pets.


Small: 9 x 28 cm

Large: 13.5 x 60cm


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