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Dog Ball Molar Toy

Dog Ball Molar Toy

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  • INTERACTIVE DOG TOY - You will get the giggle balls for dogs in green, and each dog ball measures around 8–10 cm in diameter, making it ideal for small and medium pet dogs. It is also designed in the shape of a baseball for a fun and attractive look. You can play interactive games with your pet puppy by throwing these funny dog balls, which can keep your dog active and entertained, relieve their boredom, and strengthen the affection between you and your pet.
  • GIGGLE AND ROLLING - With a built-in sound hole and no batteries required, this squeaky dog ball makes a unique giggling sound that stimulates and delights your pet when they chew or shake it, enticing them to play for long periods of time. Also with a rolling design, this active rolling ball for dogs can also be used in chase games and to play fetch with your pet dog.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY - Made from high quality PVC, this wobble wag giggle ball is durable, light-weight, and does not contain any toxic elements harmful to your dog, ideal for exercising your dog, and there are 4 holes on the surface of the dog ball for easy grabbing by your puppy. You can play games, jump, or train your pet outdoors to improve your dog's intelligence.
  • BONDING TIME WITH YOUR DOG - You can use these dog interactive toy balls to play toss and fetch with your pet on the lawn, ground, lake, or pool to work on your dog's reaction time and make him more agile, both to bring you and your pet closer together and to help release your puppy's energy and reducing their boredom and destructive behaviour.
  •  IDEAL GIFT FOR PETS - These colorful, funny, amusing ball toys for dogs can give them leisure and relaxation, and the unique giggle sound can make dogs more active and happy, helping to relieve pet boredom, loneliness, and chewing behavior. When you are not at home, they will not feel lonely with our dog toys, which are ideal gifts for your pet puppy.

Specifications: 10cm diameter
Features: non-toxic, bite resistant

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