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Dog Molar Key Toy

Dog Molar Key Toy

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EASY CLEANING - Elevate the performance of your pet's oral hygiene with our silicone Dog Molar Key Toy that effortlessly cleans the entire mouth, ensuring a pearly white smile

SOFT BUT EFFECTIVE - Our luxurious Key Toy features soft, elastic material that gently removes plaque without harming delicate gums. Its gentle yet effective design is preferred by pets for a comfortable brushing experience

REUSABLE - Our Molar Key Toy is reusable and only requires rinsing with water. Its durability is a cost-saving feature that sets it apart from disposable tooth brushing kits and teeth cleaners. When it comes to value for money, this dog tooth cleaning toy is the best

DENTAL CARE -  Preserve your dog's vitality and wellbeing, specially designed for dental care and cleaning. Regular use will not only freshen their breath but also promote oral hygiene, prevent diseases and maintain overall health

Small size: 125x25x255mm

Large size: 125x25x290mm

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