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Dog Molar Stick Toothpaste Hygiene

Dog Molar Stick Toothpaste Hygiene

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  • 360-DEGREE - Encourage your dog to brush their teeth with our innovative 360-degree toothbrush featuring silicone bristles on every side, increasing coverage and effectiveness
  • EASY TO USE -  Make cleaning your dog's teeth a breeze by simply squeezing toothpaste into the top hole. The toothpaste will then flow out, ensuring a thorough clean for your furry friend
  • MATERIAL - Crafted from soft, luxurious silicone, this toothpaste is thoughtfully designed to safeguard your dog's delicate gums. Its multi-sized and angled peaks work in harmony to eradicate the buildup of plaque and tartar and shield against potential oral health issues



Standard: 145mm x 47mm

Small: 105mm x 37mm

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