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Cute Avocado Dental Clean Catnip Ball Toy for Cats

Cute Avocado Dental Clean Catnip Ball Toy for Cats

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  • REDUCE BOREDOM - Excite your cat with these adorable avocado-shaped catnip toys designed to easily attach to any smooth and clean surface, like walls, floors, and windows. They will provide endless entertainment for your cat
  • SAFE MATERIALS - Made with safe materials, including catnip and silver rattan gall nuts, these toys are perfect for encouraging playful behavior in your cat
  • 360 DEGREE BALL DESIGN - 360 degree silvervine ball will add even more fun for your kitten
  • CLEAN TEETH - This toy cleans your cats teeth and helps reduce plaque buildup. Your cat will love playing with this toy, and you'll love the benefits it provides for their dental health.



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