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Cat Scratcher Interactive Ball, Chewable Scratcher For Kittens

Cat Scratcher Interactive Ball, Chewable Scratcher For Kittens

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  • CLEAN TEETH - This cat toy sisal ball is not only fun for your feline friend, but also helps to brush away the bad stuff from their teeth. The more they chew on the fibers of the twine, the cleaner their teeth get. It's like a natural toothbrush for your cat
  • COMFORTABLE TOUCH - Pets can confidently chew on sisal rope because it is very soft to the touch and has no burrs. As they play, it also helps them brush their teeth
  • BOOSTS PET'S SERATONIN - This cat toy sisal ball is a great way to make your furry friends happy and entertained. It has a built-in sounding stone that emits a crisp sound when tossed. This will catch your pets' interest and boost their happiness
  • REUSABLE MATERIAL - It can last for a long time without breaking or fading. It has no smell and is reusable. Because it is not easy to deform, it is safe and reliable for your cat to play with
  • MULTI-USE -  These rope ball toys are a simple and enjoyable way to exercise your pet's body, muscles, coordination, and intelligence. They can also make your pet happy, keep their teeth clean, and lessen their tendency to be destructive

Rope length: total length about 32cm/12.6in
Single ball diameter: about 4.5cm/1.8in
Material: sisal rope, bell

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